introduce ‘brainfood’.

15 May 2023


New VPRO campaign that connects well featuring the distinctive work of British artist Mrs Luvaluva.

To convey the values of the VPRO, the Dutch Cross-Media Broadcasting Association, to a younger and more diverse generation, VPRO is launching a new brand campaign. This generation has grown up with television and radio but increasingly watches and listens online. After refining its positioning, VPRO engaged the creative agency HERC to develop the campaign "brainfood," which stands for everything the VPRO creates.

The VPRO programming is more relevant than ever, ranging from in-depth journalism, inspiring documentaries, unique children's programs to seriously funny late-night shows. The makers of VPRO bring a wide range of programs for every type of screen - original stories made to break through a fragmented and polarized media landscape, to provide a different perspective, a new insight, or just a good laugh.

The intention can be summed up in one word: Brainfood. That is what the VPRO creates and what makes the VPRO, the VPRO. HERC developed a campaign that connects well with VPRO’s different types of viewers and listeners. The campaign features the work of British artist Mrs Luvaluva. Her unique blend of CGI animation, 3D printing, painting, and sculpture is a modern interpretation of the timeless visual world of the VPRO.

In addition to this first campaign, VPRO and HERC are working on new ways for the organization to communicate about programs, partnerships, and initiatives for the coming years.

‘The campaign perfectly captures that typical VPRO feeling.’

A word from Diederik Hoekstra, head of public and marketing VPRO
"With this campaign, we introduce ourselves to future audiences. We want to counter mediocrity in a gloomy world. That is why we have explicitly chosen an outspoken and colorful style that feels creative".

About VPRO

The VPRO is a Dutch media platform for compelling, original stories and ideas that enrich the world. Since 1926, it has been a boundary explorer, the birthplace of iconic television and radio programs, an incubator of innovation and talent, and a stage for quirky stories and storytellers. The VPRO produces iconic Dutch programs such as De avondshow with Arjen Lubach, VPRO Tegenlicht, 3voor12, De nieuwe zijderoute, Hoofdzaken, Bureau Buitenland, Zomergasten, and Plakshot.