ABN AMRO’s new brand promise: We are there for every new beginning

March 4, 2024


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ABN AMRO’s new brand campaign 'Voor ieder begin' (For every beginning)

Optimism, excitement, and even some nerves - these universal emotions are at the heart of ABN AMRO’s launch campaign. The campaign presents ABN AMRO's new payoff 'Voor ieder begin' (For every new beginning) with a refreshed brand identity. To back up the new brand promise, 3500 employees have been trained to make the bank’s expertise more personal. The first communication of ABN AMRO’s new brand positioning appeared on radio, television, online, OOH, and social media.

"For the past 200 years, we’ve always been an enterprising bank with a wealth of expertise,” explains ABN AMRO’s Director of Brand, Marketing & Communications, Patrick Kuijsters. “It’s in our DNA. The new campaign is designed to evoke the excitement of ‘beginning’. The drive that underlies that feeling is at the heart of our new positioning. ABN AMRO’s DNA is now reflected even more closely in our brand’s appearance and how we operate. We put our clients’ mindset and the challenges facing them first and promise to be ready, with all our expertise, in whatever way suits them best. We want to show that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from: we’re ready to support your new beginning.”

For every new beginning
Beginnings, big and small, are a feature of every person’s life, and the most important ones often involve financial decisions. We might start a new study, for example, or begin as a homeowner. We then begin to remodel that house, or make it more sustainable. We start a family, and in the meantime start our second, third or fourth job. We begin to set aside money for the future, so that we can start a new hobby or begin travelling the world, or start our retirement sooner. Sometimes we need to start over: for example after a divorce or a bankruptcy. Even so, we get back on our feet and start anew. One thing is certain: whatever the people of the Netherlands want to begin to do, ABN AMRO is ready to help.

Expertise and an enterprising spirit
ABN AMRO will make good on its promise to support these beginnings, big or small, by drawing on its understanding of finances. “ABN AMRO is known for its expertise and enterprising spirit,” Kuijsters continues. “We want to show that we’ll use these two qualities to help people begin. To give you an idea: we’ve come up with more than fifty life events when both individuals and businesses begin something new. From opening their first bank account to selling the business. From taking out a student loan to wealth transfer. From the very young to the very old. We’ll make sure that all our clients will be able to find us at these beginnings – and that with our help they’ll be able to truly take a step forward. More than 3500 of our people have already received training in the new way of working that this involves.”

ABN AMRO’s new identity
ABN AMRO presents its new identity in the launch campaign, created together with lead agency ACE. The bank will switch to its updated house style, and the Netherlands will be introduced to the new theme that will be consistently present in everything the bank does from now on. After the new payoff ‘For every new beginning’ is introduced, subsequent campaigns will focus on specific life events and new beginnings."