TEDxAmsterdam Women 
and ACE introduce MissJourney

March 5 2023


Work card missjourney

Artificial intelligence (AI) is pushing humankind forward, but what about womenkind? If you ask AI to generate images of professionals, less than 20% is female. To raise awareness on AI bias we created: MissJourney. The world’s first AI alternative that challenges traditional patterns and gender stereotypes with female based artworks.

MissJourney is the world’s first AI text to image generator that celebrates women. The user-friendly AI tool was built to combat AI gender bias and has a built-in logic that helps AI to create anti-stereotypical prompts. When it is asked to imagine a portrait of a CEO, athlete or leader, rather than producing the usual male stereotype examples this AI tool creates diverse female-led artworks. This way, MissJourney actively contributes to representative digital art and makes AI accessible to everyone. Current AI tools like Midjourney are complex tech systems built for the code-savvy early adapters. In contrast, MissJourney is a free, easy to use and the most accessible AI tool out there. No coding, no experience, no accounts needed.

MissJourney launched on International Women's Day to raise awareness on gender bias in AI. Built to challenge gender stereotypes and to change old patterns. The project was done in response to the growing attention and concerns on bias in AI. In TEDxWomen we found the right non-profit partner - representing and empowering women across the globe - to push the conversation beyond International Women’s Day and continue the quest for inclusive AI that serves us all.

First results
Within two weeks of launching on International Women's Day, people from 147 countries visited Missjourney.ai, resulting in over 163,000 unique image creations, which has now increased to 250,000. Despite having no media budget, Missjourney had a global reach of over 103 million and was covered by national and international TV, radio, podcasts, and other media outlets, urging everyone to join the movement. TEDxWomen's brand sentiment has increased by 80%, and they've kicked off a year-long program that supports women in tech, including talks, workshops, mentorship courses, and panels themed "Decoding the Future". This program continues the quest for inclusive tech that serves us all.

MissJourney marks the start of the year-long TEDxWomen program themed; Decoding the Future. Unpacking the journey to disrupt the codes that society has agreed to for so long, uncover ways to change them, break them and build equality despite them. Through mentorship programs, panel discussions and events, we’re openly discussing how things can be done differently to reach a more inclusive digital future.

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