KLM launches AI travel inspiration platform 'Ask Atlas'.

April 2, 2024


KLM ai mockup iphone

Today ACE Ai Studio and Born05 have launched a new Ai-driven destination recommender for KLM named 'Ask Atlas'. The platform was developed by ACE Ai Studio and digital agency Born05, with whom KLM previously created the successful iFly Magazine. Ask Atlas uses Ai to provide personalized inspiration to KLM-travelers. The new platform of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will go live in phases in 40 countries and 12 languages. Visit inspiration.klm.com and explore a world of possible destinations.

Ask Atlas intuitively provides travelers with tailored travel inspiration. With over 60,000 Ai-generated travel tips, Ask Atlas is your co-pilot in discovering the next destination. Ask Atlas is the first of its kind. Fabiënne Aertse, Campaign Marketing Manager at KLM, says: "KLM is known for its high-quality and immersive travel content. With the help of generative Ai, the personalization of it really takes off. While the digital magazine iFly has given our travelers reasons to travel for years, Ask Atlas is truly about 'your' reasons to travel. It marks the beginning of very personalized content, giving something for everyone to discover."

Sjors van Hoof, Head of ACE Ai Studio, adds: "KLM is a pioneering brand and has always been at the forefront of embracing new technologies. Ask Atlas represents the future of travel inspiration. With the help of Ai, KLM can execute top-level content campaigns; we make the variety and scale of the content manageable, personal, and on-brand. A great and concrete application of generative Ai."

Born05 and KLM have over 15 years of collaboration, including the development of iFly Magazine, KLM's digital travel magazine. "Our goal is to enable potential travelers to make intuitive choices guided by beautiful content. The recommended destinations must feel personal and surprising, and the entire experience must be a joy to interact with," adds Timo Wilbrink, Creative Director at Born05.


Brand: KLM

Agency: ACE AI Studio & Born05

About KLM

KLM was founded on October 7, 1919, and is the world's oldest airline still operating under its original name. Through its extensive network, KLM offers connections to 92 European and 70 intercontinental destinations to its 34.1 million passengers. Thanks to KLM's partnership in the SkyTeam Alliance, KLM can offer its travelers even more options: 1,063 destinations in 173 countries. With the core belief that our KLM'ers shape our brand, we believe we can make a difference by consistently providing customers with an unforgettable experience through www.klm.com.

About ACE Ai Studio

ACE Ai Studio is the in-house Ai branch of the ACE agency network. The award-winning Studio develops Ai-driven services and solutions for organizations looking to accelerate their brand, communication, or business. ACE Ai Studio is active in the areas of generative Ai, actionable Ai, and predictive Ai. More information: www.ai.ace.nl

About Born05, part of ACE

Born05 builds brands from the digital domain. The agency offers a unique combination of brand design, storytelling, and digital experiences. With a team of 50 specialists, Born05 works for clients such as ASICS, KLM, Greenchoice, SNS, KPN, Porsche, and Videoland. Born05 is part of ACE, a young & savvy network. More information: www.born05.com