Kim Dingler part of ACE board

June 27 2023


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Kim Dingler joins the ACE board starting this month. She will be leading the day-to-day operations of the agency network. Kim previously co-founded creative agency THEY, led Talpa Global and worked at companies such as Heineken. With her arrival, ACE enters a new phase in which the network will focus on integrating its services and providing more room for new leadership and emerging talent.

Rogier IJzermans, founder of ACE, said: "I believe that you need to reinvent your company every three years, because the market evolves, and the people within the company evolve. In recent years, ACE has been about building the network of agencies and bringing them together in Club ACE. The next phase is all about integrating our services and creating unity. And that requires new leadership. I am thrilled with Kim's arrival. She effortlessly switches between strategy, business, and operations, and has a very clear, human approach to leadership. She’s a great addition to the future of ACE."

"After several years in the international television industry, I feel drawn to the industry again," says Kim Dingler. "I have been following ACE since the beginning from the sidelines. It's an ambitious network with a drive for innovation. I see it as my mission to provide more structure and create space for the next generation of leaders and talent. Bringing together new and familiar faces who are experts in the field of culture & tech, to tackle innovation, creation and acceleration challenges. A modern approach that I cheer on."

About ACE
ACE is a modern network of experts operating at the intersection of creativity, culture, and technology. ACE constantly works on an integrated offering for brands to stay connected with contemporary culture and stay ahead in the rapidly changing world. The network operates across offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. Brands such as Unilever, Porsche, Samsung, Young Capital, and Zalando are part of their portfolio. For more information, visit