Hertog Jan and ACE | Blauw Gras toast to new collaboration

May 23, 2024


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Blauw Gras expands its portfolio further with Hertog Jan. The Dutch beer brand aims to bring beer lovers closer to the brewery with a social-first approach. In addition to the always-on layer for Hertog Jan, Blauw Gras is asked to also strengthen the social positioning of Proeftuin (Hertog Jan's limited beer subscription) and Vatgerijpt (special Grand Prestige editions) with engaging content. 

Caroline Klaassen, Marketing Manager at Hertog Jan, is convinced of the match between Hertog Jan and ACE | Blauw Gras. "Blauw Gras and Hertog Jan have the same mentality and ambition. Their demonstrated strategic and creative qualities will help us professionalize our social strategy and grow our community. Luckily we also share a love and passion for beer."

As of this month, the first content will be visible with formats such as "Brewers' Brain," "Micha's Moments," and "Aged for." While Hertog Jan beers are already sparking conversation, Blauw Gras strived to achieve that same sentiment on social media. Claire Daemen, Client Services Director at Blauw Gras, explains: "Hertog Jan is a strong brand with a loyal fan base. Insights from their community serve as a starting point and inspiration for engaging social content to further strengthen loyalty.”

About Hertog Jan

Hertog Jan is located in the iconic white brewery in Arcen, Limburg. Our brewers have been brewing top-fermented beers from the start, often described as specialty beers. Hertog Jan Pilsener and other specialty beers such as Grand Prestige, Bockbier, Karakter, and Tripel are brewed with the utmost care and attention. In short, everything at Hertog Jan is done 'Out of Love for Beer'.

About ACE | Blauw Gras

Social first agency Blauw Gras grows/accelerates brands with the power of social. Through social insights and verified content Blauw Gras connects brands with their community, while making them stand out from the crowd. A two-way street with engaging and entertaining content. Samsung, McDonald's, Hertog Jan and Videoland are part of the portfolio. Blauw Gras is part of ACE, young & savvy network for the brands of tomorrow. For more information visit blauw-gras.com