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Content Icons partners
with Unilever

June 1 2023


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ACE Influencer agency Content Icons partners with Unilever for the Lipton Ice Tea and Magnum summer campaigns

Influencer agency Content Icons is partnering with Lipton Ice Tea and Magnum to collaborate on their summer campaigns. The ACE agency will lead the ambassador programs for both Unilever brands in the Dutch market. Content Icons, known for being a boutique talent agency, will also serve as a strategic and creative partner for these brands. The agency will develop the content strategy, contribute to the creative process, and carefully select talents that align with the campaigns and brand identity, whether from their own talent pool or beyond.

"Content Icons has a strong connection with its talents, enabling them to identify influencers who align perfectly with the campaign. Through co-creation with these talents, they delve into authentic ways to reach the target audience, resulting in significantly greater reach," explains Kirsten Vermeer, Brand Manager Ice Cream at Unilever.

"Since joining ACE, we have been able to amplify our talent-first approach to an even greater extent. By engaging creators early on in the creative process, ideally from the pitch phase on, we optimize outcomes and ultimately deliver enhanced value to our clients. Lipton Ice Tea and Magnum have wholeheartedly embraced this approach, signaling the start of a mutually beneficial collaboration," says Sara Rottenberg, CEO of Content Icons.

The ambassador programs will run throughout the summer, aiming to enhance brand experiences. The influencers will create authentic video content during various summer activations. "The strategy is based on a partnership between talent and brand, with co-creation at its core," adds Rottenberg. Magnum kicked off with a large-scale event at the Cannes Film Festival this month, celebrating its new summer ice cream flavors. Meanwhile, Lipton Ice Tea aspires to be the go-to summer drink of 2023 and has announced their ambassadors in this introduction video. The ambassadors will be capturing the essence of the ultimate summer vibe in the 'Bring Out The Sunshine' campaign.

"This year, together with Content Icons, we have sought out Lipton Ice Tea lovers. Throughout the summer, our ambassadors, along with their friends, will create unique and authentic content at terraces and festivals. It's the perfect way to reach our younger target audience," says Said Arrad, Sr. Brand Manager Lipton Ice Tea at Unilever.

In addition to their work with Unilever brands, Content Icons is actively collaborating with several clients from the ACE portfolio to develop strategic and creative solutions for effectively conveying brand messages to their target audience. This is further enhanced by the recent addition of Lieseloth Wisbrun, former MediaMonks and currently Growth Brand Manager at Content Icons. "Influencer marketing has evolved beyond being a mere supplement to marketing plans; it has become an integral component of the marketing mix for every brand. Influencers personify the brand, and when harnessed correctly, it not only yields extensive reach but also cultivates brand preference," adds Wisbrun. "Research shows that 69% of consumers place trust in influencer recommendations, making it nearly twice as effective as brand 'broadcasting' on social channels."



  • Brand Manager Ice Cream, Unilever: Kirsten Vermeer
  • Sr. Brand Manager, Lipton Ice Tea NL: Said Arrad


  • PR agency for Magnum: Glasnost, ACE
  • Influencer marketing agency: Content Icons, ACE
  • Social media agency: Blauw Gras, ACE

Content Icons

  • CEO: Sara Rottenberg
  • General Manager & Sr. Talent Manager: Liz Peetoom
  • Growth Brand Manager: Lieseloth Wisbrun
  • Account Manager: Perine Schoenmaker