Adformatie AI masterclass: "Apply AI smartly today, and be tomorrow's winner."

October 5, 2024


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On October 5th, the Adformatie masterclass on AI at Club Ace brought together over seventy marketing and communication professionals for a day of learning and discussion. Led by Adformatie's editor-in-chief, Susanne van Nierop, seven AI experts explored the latest trends, ethical considerations, and practical applications of AI in the field.

The Adformatie AI masterclass highlighted the immense potential of AI to reshape marketing and communication strategies. By understanding the latest trends, ethical considerations, and practical applications, businesses can leverage this powerful technology to enhance customer experiences, boost creativity, and gain a competitive edge. In this article, we reflect on the learnings based on the speakers' key tips.

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Sjors van Hoof, Head of ACE AI Studio

Sjors van Hoof summarised the evolution of AI, together with the latest trends, and the qualities of AI to enrich a brands' customer journey. "During the event, I was asked: where should I start with AI? The urgency is felt, but the rapid changes make it difficult to determine the starting point. My advice is to explore the AI landscape through workshops or masterclasses. We are still at the beginning, so pioneering is crucial. Take the time to experiment and learn. This will eventually be rewarded with new connections and unique brand experiences, centred around customer service, creativity, and innovation. Apply AI smartly today and be tomorrows' winner."

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Olaf Trojan and Clemens Molle, Bird & Bird law firm

Olaf Trojan and Clemens Molle from Bird & Bird law firm addressed several legal areas of concern, such as civil liability and privacy. "Approach AI with enthusiasm, but keep a few things in mind. Always read the terms and conditions of the AI system you are using. It often includes key information about what you can and cannot do with the AI output. Document the prompts you input and the actions you perform for copyright claims. Avoid creating AI outputs that infringe on existing works."

David Steenmeijer, Data Ethicist

Data ethicist David Steenmeijer discussed the challenges surrounding marketers' use of AI. "Make ethics your compass when applying AI in marketing. Transparency and fairness are crucial. Use well-understood and explainable models to minimize bias and unintended consequences. Minimize bias in your data to prevent discrimination. Let ethical AI not only be a goal but the norm; ask yourself not only if an AI application can and may be used, but how you're using it."


Diederik Veelo and Paul Sluimers, Ambassadors

Diederik Veelo, Head of Innovation, and New Business Director Paul Sluimers from production company Ambassadors highlighted best practice AI applications within the audio and visual domain. "Like every industry, the creative industry is being disrupted by the artificial intelligence revolution. The speed of AI development is transforming the industry. Stay ahead of the curve by familiarizing yourself with tools like for realistic voice generation and for creating lifelike AI actors."

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SEO Team Lead Lotte Horstra, Wehkamp

And finally, Lotte Horstra, delved into the world of ChatGTP within online marketing. "Don't fear but embrace AI to help make your daily tasks more efficient and scalable. Start small and leverage AI to streamline your daily tasks while maintaining control. This opens doors to new possibilities and creative ideas."