ACE partners with
Ralph Wisbrun

April 17 2023


Ace partners with ralph wisbrun

Ralph Wisbrun and ACE are joining forces. Starting this month, Wisbrun will join CEO Rogier IJzermans in ACE's Strategic Board and help further grow the organization (inter)nationally. In addition, Wisbrun will help establish the brand and business consultancy division, which will compete with existing consultancy firms.

With the establishment of the Strategic Board, ACE is moving towards a more holacratic organizational structure. The day-to-day management of ACE will be handled by the Executive Board and the surrounding circles, making room for a modern leadership approach that aims to create opportunities for a new generation of leaders.

IJzermans said, "Over the past two years, we have built ACE. Starting this year, ACE will enter the market as an integrated organization, built on the axes of culture and technology. Brands are facing a challenge in staying connected with today's culture and keeping up with new technological developments. A strong business and brand foundation is crucial for success, and Ralph understands this trade like no other. His experience, combined with the young minds within our network, creates many new opportunities for our clients. I am looking forward to it!"

Wisbrun added: "What’s happening at ACE is very interesting. I have been working with Rogier on a business level for a while and after getting to know ACE, I became intrigued. There’s a huge potential in the rejuvenation of brands, something that ACE understands very well. I hope to contribute with my experience, in translating this to national and international clients."

As a founding partner and CEO at Wunderman Thompson (formerly JWT) and Wisbrun Eastwood, Wisbrun has years of experience in organizational and brand positioning for clients such as ING, BMW, and VodafoneZiggo.