ACE launches
its own AI Studio

June 13, 2023


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Ace Ai Studio

ACE launches its own AI Studio to assist organizations in harnessing Artificial Intelligence. The network of creative and technical agencies has invested heavily in AI developments over the past year, which resulted in the award-winning in collaboration with TEDxAmsterdam Women. With the launch of the new studio, ACE is doubling down on AI, the technological revolution that will permanently transform branding and marketing.

AI is here to stay
Rogier IJzermans, CEO of ACE: "When it comes to innovations, such as the Metaverse, the question of sustainability arises. With AI, we are now certain that it will change our society and industry for good. At ACE, we have been experimenting extensively with AI over the past year. More and more clients approach us for assistance in this new domain. ACE operates on the axes of Culture & Tech, and AI lies at the intersection. With the launch of our AI Studio, we respond to the growing demand in the market and ensure that our clients stay ahead of the curve. Within the studio we’ve established 'Team Red', which challenges existing client projects with AI solutions. This way, the added value of AI becomes quickly tangible. Sjors van Hoof leads ACE AI Studio.”

‘Organizations that cleverly adapt to these changes will gain a significant advantage.’

Sjors van Hoof, Head of ACE AI Studio: "Organizations that cleverly adapt to these changes will gain a significant advantage. Within ACE, we have developed a secure and scalable infrastructure for brands, enabling them to harness the power of AI to the fullest. This applies to both public and closed environments. Additionally, with the ACE AI Studio, we proactively develop new innovations for our clients. This is the best way to stay in the midst of the playing field. Techniques we use are often just a few weeks old, so speed and knowledge sharing are more important than ever." When asked if Van Hoof sees AI as a threat, he responds: "We see AI as a co-pilot in the process, enhancing efficiency and raising the bar on creativity. Curation and taste remain crucial to stay distinctive, and that’s at the core of our profession."