ABN AMRO and Roxeanne Hazes pay tribute to Sherida Spitse

June 3, 2024



In collaboration with ABN AMRO, Roxeanne Hazes releases her latest song 'Omdat je me ziet' (because you see me). This song serves as a tribute to Sherida Spitse, the Dutch Ajax icon of women's soccer. In addition to being a top athlete, Spitse is also an inspiration for young girls and women to pursue their dreams.

A music video for the single has been recorded with Spitse in the lead role. The video illustrates the journey she has taken to become a top athlete and the determination she needed to get there. Spitse has often had to fight for her place but has never given up. According to Spitse, the song perfectly aligns with her life philosophy, 'always keep going,' which has emerged from the many challenges in her sports career.

Video · Omdat Je Me Ziet by Roxeanne Hazes and ABN AMRO

Omdat Je Me Ziet by Roxeanne Hazes and ABN AMRO

The Importance of Role Models 

More women than ever are participating in top-level sports (Mulier Institute, 2023). However, when it comes to their representation, there is still a long way to go. Previous research by WOMEN Inc. shows that of all Eredivisie matches broadcasted on television, 91% are played by men. There is structurally insufficient visibility for female athletes, even though examples, role models, and visibility are incredibly important to inspire young girls who also want to pursue their dreams as top athletes.

Sherida Spitse comments: 'A lot has changed in women soccer compared to when I first started. For example, I could train with the boys in the past, but I wasn't allowed to play in matches. When we look at investments in women's football, like salaries, working conditions, and broadcasting time we receive, there's still a lot to gain.'

Despite this, Spitse hopes that things will change for younger generations. 'It motivates me to fight for what we are worth and to to be a voice for the cause. I owe it to myself and to all the girls with a football dream.'

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Because you see me

In the song ‘Because You See Me,’ Roxeanne Hazes pays tribute to Sherida, because she also understands how important it is to pursue your own goals. 

Roxeanne says: ‘For years, I was only seen as 'the daughter of' and only booked as Hazes-kid. At one point, I consciously chose to start telling my own story. That was scary, but I am my own person, and people should hear that. Sherida's story inspires me in turn. She truly stands for what she wants, and that's what the song ‘Because You See Me’ is about. I also loved seeing her first reaction to the song, that's what you do it for!’ 

The song was created in collaboration with ABN AMRO. They have long supported women in the sports and arts world and see how important inspiration is for young female talent. They've ensured a collective labor agreement and better pay for the Ajax women.