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Our long-term client YoungCapital has a clear, bold purpose: all youngster at work no matter what. We've looked closely at what is going on among young people; not only at crypto but also at selling your body or robbing banks, the last two with a wink, of course. Resulting in a bold and refreshing campaign that pushes the boundaries.

The challenge

We've been collaborating with YoungCapital since 2016. Despite YoungCapital's growth, they have maintained their cheeky attitude. YoungCapital wants to distance itself in terms of identity from the competition as more rebellious and more innovative. They aim to establish a foothold in the 'work' category with a campaign that positions YoungCapital as a distinctive lovebrand in the employment world, achieving a strong growth in registrations by work-seeking young people via and a 40% acceleration of revenue growth a year.

Video · Whatever works

'Whatever works' commercial for YoungCapital 2022

The idea

In the lightning-fast campaign, we observe that nowadays, young people earn money through a diverse array of avenues. These range from conventional temporary jobs and the resale of sneakers to NFT art transactions and various other side hustles. This aligns well with YoungCapital's vision. The brand's overarching mission is to facilitate opportunities for "all young people at work," embracing the concept of 'work' in its most comprehensive form: Whatever Works, Work. The commercial was filmed using 16mm analog. Old cameras and old techniques that paradoxically achieve that fresh, young feel.

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‘Together we've consistently stayed attuned to the pulse of youth dynamics.’
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Video · We give work

'We Give Work' commercial for YoungCapital 2020

‘Highly original and a perfect match with the target audience and film. The soundtrack puts the ad in the spotlight.’
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