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Since 2020, we have been introducing the power of 5G in unique new ways. The improved 5G service offers faster download speeds, reduced latency, and a more stable connection, marking a significant milestone in telecommunications. Vodafone's objective was to become the leading provider of 5G in the Netherlands during the rollout.

PR campaign video introducing the power of 5G

The challenge

Tasked with an earned-first approach, we aimed to sway the skeptical Dutch public towards 5G's merits. Pre-campaign, most remained unconvinced, feeling distant from the topic. Media accentuated skeptic voices, hindering Vodafone's goals. The telecom sought a campaign to link 5G with Vodafone and showcase its societal unity and value.

The insight

The Vodafone 5G network can make the impossible possible. The main difference with the 4G network can be measured in nanoseconds and has the power to unlock a world of new possibilities. These new opportunities are brought to life through the powerful stories of authentic individuals. Over the course of several campaigns, we showcased the positive impact a nanosecond can have.

‘The Vodafone 5G network can make the impossible possible.’

The idea

We unveiled 5G with an inspiring tale starring a real hero: Tristan Bangma, a blind cyclist. Teaming up with FROLIC Studio, we crafted a groundbreaking tech solution for Bangma to conquer a cycling track. Commissioned by Vodafone, this device made him the first solo visually impaired cyclist, tapping into 5G's potential.

Video · Blind faith in 5G

World's first visually impaired cyclist to ride solo thanks to 5G.

‘Tristan proves that dreams and ambitions have no limits with 5G.’
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+51M media reach
+€900K pr value