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Crazy about chocolate? We created a bold and poppy film for Tony Chocolonely, with a very serious message. In the campaign we display the unfair sides of the cocoa industry, in a bid to change it for good. By switching frames between film and animation, it’s a joyful film to watch, while also alerting viewers to the shameful history of the industry it is battling against. Crazy about chocolate, serious about people.

The challenge

Tony’s Chocolonely was founded with the sole purpose of making all chocolate 100% slave-free. But in 2021, over 1.56 million children were illegally working in cocoa fields. This staggering number, a conservative estimate, urged us to rally support and industry commitment to their anti-slavery mission.

Video · Fair/Not Fair

Tony’s Chocolonely is the impact company on a mission to make all chocolate 100% slave-free. In collaboration with Idris Ilba, we created a colorful manifesto about fair and unfair.

The idea

Our campaign exposes cocoa industry injustices, aiming for lasting change. The ad, a manifesto voiced by Idris Elba, amplifies our "crazy about chocolate, serious about people" ethos. It contrasts fair and unfair industry aspects through vibrant visuals and a mix of film and animation, delivering a serious message in an engaging, positive manner. Directed by Helmi and Deepa Keshvala and animated by Brian Elstak

‘Distinctive creative work that’s on par with the cultural zeitgeist.’
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