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Meet Porsche Discovered: an innovative digital magazine designed to captivate the next generation of Porsche drivers. Centered on authentic storytelling, it positions Porsche as a brand publisher, inviting you to immerse yourself in a world where passion reigns supreme and every detail matters.

A compilation of Tipping Points, a format in Discovered that features short documentaries in which extraordinary entrepreneurs talk about the tipping point in their career. These stories are packed with inspiration, passion and determination.

The challenge

Porsche wants to inspire tomorrow’s entrepreneur and creative trendsetter who may not be in a position to afford a Porsche yet, but could be potential customers down the road. The challenge was two-fold: devising a creative and strategic editorial vision and orchestrating the operational setup of media channels brimming with captivating content.

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Dreamers on.

The idea

Born from the desire to evoke exclusivity, Discovered publishes extraordinary stories that resonate with those aspiring to own a Porsche. The platform connects with entrepreneurial and creative minds, showcasing individuals that’ve found unconventional roads to success.

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‘With 'Discovered' we are looking for scarcity in a world of abundance.’

The results

With Discovered, Porsche now has a platform to build a community. This platform will expand further, integrating new formats to inspire visitors and generate content that will make young hearts race when they think of 'Porsche'.

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A compilation of Eye for Details, a Discovered format where guests such as architect Rikjan Scholten, designer Mats Horbach and shoe designer Zeynep Dag, discuss Porsche models from the perspective of their specific disciplines.
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