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Artificial intelligence (AI) is pushing mankind forward, but what about womankind? If you ask AI to generate images of professionals, less than 20% is female. To raise awareness of AI bias, TEDxAmsterdam Women presents ‘Missjourney’: the world’s first AI tool that breaks stereotypes.

If you ask AI to visualise a professional less than 20% are women.

The challenge

TEDxAmsterdam Women is a powerful platform that amplifies the voices and stories of women and promotes a more inclusive and equitable world. And the digital world is no exception. MissJourney was created in response to the growing concerns about bias in AI.

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The insights

If you ask AI to visualize a professional less than 20% are women. We conducted research based on 2000 prompts with over 100 different character descriptions or roles, such as leader, superhero, CEO, or scientist, using the three major AI generators.

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The idea

Missjourney is the world’s first AI image generator that celebrates women. When it is asked to imagine an image of a CEO, athlete or leader, rather than producing the usual male stereotypes, this AI tool creates diverse female-led imagery.

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‘New tool breaks stereotypes: Women are also CEOs or presidents’

The result

Within two weeks of launching on International Women's Day, people from 147 countries visited Despite having no media budget, Missjourney had a global reach of over 103 million and was covered by national and international TV, radio, podcasts, and other media outlets, urging everyone to join the movement.

5+ ADCN, DIA, Lovie awards
+250K unique image creations
+103MM media reach
+147 countries
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