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Since 2014, we’ve been a PR partner in localizing the yearly global Magnum campaigns. Year after year we doubled down on Magnum's purpose: to overcome the fear of being judged and inspire moments of superior pleasure for everyone. Building a solid foundation for Magnum's business by ways of popular, culturally relevant brand activations at exclusive locations.

The challenge

Over the past years, Magnum has found its way into the hearts of Dutch Millennials through successful PR events. Growing brand power and capturing the hearts of Gen Z were the next steps. A new core audience calls for innovative ways to engage and make an impact. A group of popular Ambassadors, an event, and two new product innovations were the ingredients at hand to drive meaningfulness.

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After the Magnum Sleepover, Magnum Mansion, and Magnum Playground, the sequel: Magnum Festival

The idea

These ingredients resulted in a series of exclusive events over the years: Magnum Pyjama Party, Magnum Mansion and the Magnum Playground. This year called for a more radical approach, in line with the values and interests of our younger audience. The Magnum Festival, based on Burning Man principles, celebrated radical self expression, blending fashion, music, art in unique experiences that encouraged the most popular icons in our influencer and creator landscape to step out of their comfort zone. Before entering the afterparty into the early morning hours, we symbolically burned a giant wooden Magnum, encouraging our guests to let go of what no longer served them and embrace their true selves.

‘‘Throwing a party is one thing. Being the event of the year is another.’’
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The Result

Influencers Monica Geuze, Stefan de Vries, Iris Enthoven, Amaka Enem, and Isaya Elais were ambassadors for the Pleasure Is Always On campaign and therefore starred as main guests at the Magnum Festival. Magnum aimed to inspire self-expression beyond the festival grounds, reaching all of the Netherlands. Magnum’s brand tracker results showed that Gen Z considered the Magnum Festival as unique, trend-setting, and appealing. It scored far over benchmark on the most important brand KPIs, indicating that our younger audience perceives Magnum as more relevant and close to them. An exposed versus unexposed measurement revealed that those who were reached by the Festival content think Magnum ‘inspires me to be myself’. All in all, our most effective brand campaign for Magnum so far.