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Hospitality brings people together, whether you're a guest or a host. The sector is one of the biggest employers in the Netherlands, but it's facing a shortage of staff. To solve this, ACE|Born05 has created an inviting campaign and immersive digital platform for the young job seekers. 

A compilation of the six be my guest videos that where shot for the campaign

The challenge

The job market in the Netherlands is tighter than ever, and the hospitality sector is one of the hardest-hit. To turn the tide, the industry's biggest players, including Heineken, McDonald's, and Albron, have joined forces with the Hospitality Pact. Their goal is to generate renewed interest in this lively sector and make the path to a career in hospitality smaller, easier, and more appealing.

Video · Video

A short promotion video to introduce Be My Guest during a stakeholder launch event

The idea

The campaign revolves around the essence of hospitality: being welcoming. With the title and call to action "Be My Guest," we're inviting young people to explore the challenges and opportunities in the hospitality sector and be a part of it. To truly represent the diversity of this industry, the digital Be My Guest platform is filled with inspiring stories and motivating, interactive videos that highlight the qualities you develop as a hospitality employee.

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The result

The Be My Guest campaign and platform have made the most of Born05's expertise in every specialization. From strategy and concept development to creating a visual identity, user-centered platform design, and virtual video production (in collaboration with Bruut Amsterdam). Resulting in a campaign that exudes joy and craftsmanship.

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